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Start as a small family business since 1980 and become a legal company as PT. Jaya Kreasi Indonesia since 2000, as a window film distribution company.

And now as a window film distribution and application company nationwide with over 40 years of experience, we have more than 80 Authorized Dealers for sales and after sales services network. With approximately 300 employees, we are heading to be the biggest window film distribution company in Indonesia.

Our Mission

We are comitted to :

  • Deliver reliable, accessible, complete, helpful & personalized services to our customers.
  • Develop our employees to their fullest potential.
  • Develop the best window film company in Indonesia with world class standardization.
  • Develop continues improvement system through management system standardization.
  • Create value for our stakeholders.

Our Vision

To be the biggest window film company in Indonesia and respectable in its industry and the first choice to stakeholders with world class standardization


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Solar control film has properties that help control the sun’s heat, harsh brightness, and harmful UV rays.

Blocks more than 99% of the UV rays that can harm your family

Solar control window film available for automotive and building, in two basic versions: reflective and non-reflective. With solar control film you can update your car's or home’s current look by selecting a film that’s nearly invisible, tinted in either warm or cool tones, and even mirrored.

  • Filter and block UV and infrared rays
  • Reduce glare & improve visibility
  • Improve style & privacy

Safety and security film helps defend what’s most valuable against break-ins, accidents, storms, seismic tremors and blasts.

Make glass harder to penetrate and hold shattered pieces in place

You can’t control crime, accidents or the weather, but you can get an added layer of protection. Safety & security film engineered for strength, using a heavy-duty polyester film that bonds to glass with strong adhesives, makes glass harder to penetrate, and when hit hard enough to break, glass pieces generally adhere to the film itself instead of scattering.

  • Holding power
  • Minimized damage
  • UV Protection

Paint protection film effectively stands up to stonechips, bird droppings, salt, sand and more.

The new way of protecting your car's original paint

Paint protection film will greatly protect your car from physical damage (like scratches, stain) and is even able to be installed accurately to complex-shaped car parts. You can experience a new type of auto body protection with the stretching properties that fit properly to the auto body shapes and the strength and shock absorbing power of the film.

  • Water repellent
  • Antifouling
  • UV Protection
  • Self healing


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